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About EdhoZell

EdhoZell is an Indonesian Youtuber, starting his entertainment career since 2004 as a MC. Through hard work and high spirits, EdhoZell became one of the best MC nowadays, that brings color to each party that EdhoZell lead though his charisma and aura.

EdhoZell also have done several TV shows and now is well known for his YouTube channel program specialized in parody. His YouTube channel, EdhoZell is the official partner of YouTube, and have been viewed over than 35million views ( May 2015 ), and still growing until now.

Young, dynamic, and out of the box is what describe


the most.


2012 Awarded The New wave viral by Marketeers
2012 Awarded Most Exposed MC on All Media by
MC Keren Awards
2013 Awarded Best Comedy by internet video star

2014 Cleo Most Favorite Bachelor

2015 Youtube Silver Button

Music Career

2010 “Let Me Go” w/ Mr bee boyband
2011 “HHI Anthem” w/ Happy Holiday Indonesia
2012 “Sexy Gurl” w/ Happy Holiday Indonesia

TV Appearance & Guest Star

2008 Diary kuliner TransTV
2009 Gong Show TransTv
2011 Ceriwis, Happy Family, Insert Anniversary TransTV
2012 180* KompasTV
2013 Take me out – Indosiar

2014 Sebelas Duabelas – KompasTV
2014 180* – KompasTV
2014 Seenake Dewe – TransTV
2014 Deal or No Deal – GlobalTV
2014 D’Terong Show – Indosiar
2014 Famili100 – Indosiar

2015 Celebrity Game Show – Langit RTV
2015 Indonesia Morning Show – Net.TV
2015 Tonight Show –  Net.TV
2015 Hitam Putih – Trans7

Featured on many entertainment show for youtube videos


TV Host & Presenting

2007 Kampus extravaganza – TransTV
2007 Ssst usil banget deh – TransTV
2008 Akhirnya datang juga – TransTV
2009 Ngetem Talkshow – Spacetoon
2009 Selamat Pagi Bunda – Spacetoon

2014 Kuis FastnWin bersama Advan – LangitRTV
2014 Ping me! – LangitRTV

2015 Gokil – TransTV

EdhoZell is an Official Youtube Partner, with his channel EdhoZell,

entertaining indonesian people with his funny videos, such as

music parody, comedy sketch, and vlog. With total views

more than 35million ( May 2015 ), EdhoZell is one of the best of

Indonesian Youtubers, in fact, EdhoZell’s youtube channel is a

CREATOR channel, which is second best from

Top 100 Youtubers in Indonesia by Social Blade score.

Youtube Channel

With more than 189.000 subscribers ( May 2015 ), EdhoZell’s channel

is mainly followed by teenager with age range  14-24 years old.

Google analytic indicates that monthly views from EdhoZell’s

channel are 6million. Some videos are reviewed by various

TV show, website’s article and magazine, and even re-uploaded

by 9gag.tv, an international videos channel.

5 most viewed videos are :

1. ‘Sakitnya tuh Disini’ Parody ( +2.700.00 views )

2.’Rude – Magic’ Parody ( +2.200.000 views )

3. Syahrini Instagram Parody ( +1.700.000 views )

4. ‘Aku Mah Apa Atuh’ Parody ( +900.000 views )

5. ‘Line -Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’ Parody ( +900.000 views )

We are very happy to collaborate and do some work with you! Please contact us at web.edhozell@gmail.com

for more details 🙂

Social Media

Instagram : EdhoZell ( 270.000 subs )

Youtube : www.youtube.com/edhozell

ZellTroopZ is a group of people that always support EdhoZell where ever they are. Through instagram, twitter, fb group and line group, they give love and energy to EdhoZell.

As EdhoZell always said, without ZellTroopZ, he is nothing! Thanks for being ZellTroopz 🙂

If you want to join this grup of lovely people, please join ZellTroopZ Facebook Group. Thanks alot!


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